Cautare parteneri pe proiect european FP7

FP7-SEC-2013-1 LEAD GYM : Law enforcement agents advanced virtual training gym:
A Southern Italy research organisation operating in the field of materials
engineering, information engineering and industrial design, is building up
a consortium to propose a project in the framework of:

Call identifier: FP7-SEC-2013-1


TOPIC SEC-2013.7.6-1 Open topic for Small and Medium Enterprises : “Use
of serious gaming in order to improve intelligence analysis by law
enforcement agents”.

Further Details:
Project cost : 2.000.000,00€
Project duration : 24 months
Deadline for answers:  22 November 2012

Description of the project

The aim of LEAD GYM  is to train law enforcement agents on virtual civil
scenario, using training based on virtual learning object related on
user’s skills (advanced, medium, beginner, and so on), and to whet and
improve both agents deduction and induction ability.

The collaborative feature requires the participation of multiple users on
a network that communicate in real time, on the same shared scenario,
leading to the solution of the problem through the sharing of
heterogeneous data (images, 3D, Video, audio,…).

Moreover, the platform will be able to interpret a range of information
from the user in training (attitudes, facial expressions, moods, ...) to
complicate or simplify the simulation scenario, in order to test the level
of user learning in training, and to assess the ability to adapt to
various critical situations that may occur.

The simulation will then be able to vary the levels of difficulty in
automatic mode also according to the responses and actions carried out by
the user. The interaction with external data to the simulation (necessary 
for the analysis of the scenarios) will assess the ability of agents to
search for the right information and to assemble these data, in order to
obtain useful information.
In particular the organization is looking for:

·           SME

·           Research/Technology Centre

·           University

from all EU countries.

Sought expertise:

*        Law agents Scene Investigation Training Center
*        Psychology and/or Pedagogy
*        E-learning, E-training
*        Human behaviors and emotions evaluation

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