Firma austriaca cauta sa subcontracteze dezvoltator de software

A small Austrian company specialized in developing responsive websites and mobile apps is looking for a foreign subcontractor to outsource large-scale software development projects. The company is also keen to work closely with partners to exchange know-how and identify new software solutions.
Full description:
A young Austrian software company developing customized, touch-optimized Windows 8 Store Apps is looking for a partner in order to outsource part of their software development. The aim of the small and highly-motivated team is to invest time and money to get the required knowledge for being able to deliver more than satisfying solutions to their customers. As the focus is set on Windows Store App development at the moment, the company is looking for partners not only to outsource large-scale software development projects, but also to share experience and know-how with. Together it should be possible to create customized, innovative solutions.
Expected input of the partner:
A potential co-operation partner should have in-depth know-how in developing Windows Store Apps (using C# & xaml). Moreover the company is looking for a professional and honest partnership and excellent value for money services.[20130213033]

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