Firma suedeza cauta sa subcontracteze producatori de otel, aluminiu si cupru

The Swedish company was founded in 1947 and they are producers of heating systems that are designed to heat large industries, hotels, ships, cathedrals, hotels, ball rooms, large farm houses and halls in the 27 EU member states.

The company produces aluminium heaters and they are in need of steel from manufacturers that produce steel with the following specifications:

– Colled rolled alloy steel DC01, dimension 25×1,0mm Colled rolled alloy steel DC01, dimension 30×1,0mm.

The company also need aluminium with the following description: AW-1200/H 16 coil. Dimension 0,23×71,5mm. 80 kg pcs with 1500 mm ID.

They are also interested to have copper with the following dimension: soft copper tube Dimension 22×1,0 mm, length=2-3 meter.

Expected input of the partner: They are looking for a good manufacturer who will keep deadlines. They are also in need of a manufacturer who pays attention to quality.[20130228022]

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