Ceramist francez cauta ceramist pentru a subcontracta parte din productie

In order to expand its offer and to increase its market shares, a French ceramist is looking for production partners.The French ceramist is seeking a commercial partner able to manufacture moulds from biscuit-fired prototypes, and tableware of these models in stoneware, bone china or porcelain according to the company’s models and specifications. The company is also interested in finding a commercial partner, possibly a producer willing to expand its range of products and to distribute the products of the company.

Main advantages the company could offer to a potential partner: The company is offering an evolving long-term relationship with the addition of other prototypes to the range. The French ceramist is already involved in transnational cooperation and exports 80% of its production, mainly to the UK.

Expected input of the partner: The production partner sought should be able to produce moulds and tableware according to the prototypes and specifications from the company. The commercial partner sought wants to expand its range of products and is looking for new producers with a high-priced designer/maker craft product positioning.[20130523006]

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