Firma franceza cauta specialist in marketing pt subcontractare

Description: French SME specialized in e-commerce is looking for marketing specialists in Europe for subcontracting agreement. The company gathers all the services an e-merchant might need to successfully develop his business abroad: translation, legal assistance, logistics, customer relationship management, and more. The solution is pre-connected to numerous services and is designed to easily add new tools. To expand their partner network, they are looking for marketing specialists able to provide their international customers with emailing and SMS/MMS marketing campaigns (sale, advertisement, newsletters etc.). The solution has to be able to send text messages worldwide and to numerous customers (several thousands).
Advantages and Innovations: -Partnership in the view to act like a business contributor. -Long term business relationship. -Hundreds of new clients. -Better visibility for the company. -International business relationships.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought: Future partner should be prepared to international long term business relationships. Ability to handle hundreds of clients Worldwide SMS/mailing campaigns (sale, advertisement, newsletters etc.).[BRFR20130830003]

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