Producator bulgar cauta distribuitori de condimente si lapte praf

A Bulgarian company located in north east of Bulgaria is offering big variety of spices and powder milk (various butter content) for distribution.[BG00129  GK]

The company looks for distributors, markets and companies dealing with retail and wholesale trade with spices. Possible partners can be shop networks or large shops. The company have own transport and can deliver the commodities when necessary. The company can supply almost any spices available on the market.

Company presentation

The company was established in 1991 as a family enterprise for packaging of spices with a small workshop, located in the city of Valchi Dol, Varna region. As a start, the activity of the company is limited only to packaging of basic spices for households.

In 2006 a reconstruction and modernization of existing industrial building according to the European Union requirements was carried out. Thus it was achieved a gross floor area of ​​700 m2 and a status of a factory. All requirements for food safety are observed. The company’s full range of products is about 200 species of national, exotic and grain spices food additives.

The product range is complemented by numerous varieties of packages of a particular product, such as 100 gr., 250 gr., 500 gr. or 1 kg., 2 kg., 5 kg., 10 kg. The catering is offered to fast food establishments, kitchens for kids, pastry workshops, sausage workshops, etc.

The small packages that are reaching the end user are suitable for trading in small, large shops and markets. The individual and group packages are with own unique to each product design consisting of 10 gr. or a box (20 pcs) or a stack (200 pcs).

The production process is carried out in compliance with all regulatory requirements for packaging of food products. The company implemented the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) system control. The good industrial hygiene practices are also observed. The company possesses permission for packaging of food of animal origin. All inspections of the control bodies such as the Food Agency pass without any comments and the company is given as an example in the field of this type of production processes.

The distribution network is focused on the territory of Bulgaria and the whole Blacksea coast. Clients of the company are shops, meat and confectionery businesses, kitchens for children and restaurants.

The Company provides raw materials from own import, from manufacturers of spices from Bulgaria and also from the most distinguished importers of certain rare species. This way the company is able always to have the best quality for the end user.

The production base meets all EU regulations for this type of production and has the capacity to implement larger quantities than the quantities at the present moment.

Product list of the company (all products are offered in packages of 1 kg. and 0.5 kg. ):

Ammonium bicarbonate

Baking powder



White pepper

White pepper (powder)


Grinded breadcrumbs


Bay leaf

Dessert starch

Ginger (grinded)





Powdered sugar

Sugar sticks

Nutmeg (grinded)


Grinded cinnamon



Garlic granules



Cumin (grinded)


Dried dill leaves


Coriander (grinded)

Turmeric (grinded)


Citric acid

Onion flour

Onion discs




Poppy seed


Wheat starch

Corn starch

Sodium glutamate

Breading for fish

Breading for chicken

Mashed potatoes

Seasoning for fish

Seasoning for grill

Seasoning for chicken




Rye (grinded)


Soda bicarbonate

Peeled sesame

Unskimmed milk powder 26%

Semi dry milk powder 15%

Skimmed milk powder 1.5%

Whey powder milk

White mustard

Mustard (powder)


Dried celery

Red pepper

Sweet paprika

Cayenne pepper

Black pepper

Pepper (grinded)

Garlic flour

Chili (largely and finely grinded)

Qimen (fenugreek seeds, grinded)

Crumbled savory

Savory (grinded)

Chocolate sticks

Mix of spices (own recipe)


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