Innovate 2017 Match – Birmingham (UK), 8-9th November 2017

INNOVATE 2017 ( is where the world meets the best of UK innovation. The two day event will look at global challenges, from curing disease and feeding the world to securing cyber space. Delegates will discover how UK and global innovation is solving these problems.

The programme will feature presentations from leading innovators and experts from across a number of technological fields. INNOVATE 2017 is the UK’s leading innovation event!

INNOVATE 2017 is a place to do deals and at the heart of the event is the international zone where the Enterprise Europe Network is organising INNOVATE 2017 Match –  a major EEN brokerage event to foster winning partnerships of the future:

International businesses and research organisations are being granted FREE registration to INNOVATE 2017 through their EEN local representative, just contact after registering.

More information on INNOVATE 2017 can be found at where you will find details of plenaries, seminars and the innovation showcase and exhibition.

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