Cerere urgenta de 3 IMM pe H2020 FTI


VERY URGENT – H2020 FTI 2016: Heat Interface Unit (HIU) for central space heating and domestic hot water preparation systems

An Italian SME, based in Lombardy, is going to submit a proposal under the call H2020 – Fast Track to Innovation.

The goal of the project is the design of an indirect heat interface unit (HIU) fulfilling the needs of a modern household in a multi-dwelling complex with central heating system. The company looks for three industrial partners: one with experience in electronics and control, another in brand management advertising/promotion and a last one able to provide pilot installations for field testing.

Partners with the following profile are sought:

Partner 1

– Type: Enterprise

– Activity: Development of a dedicated electronic control equipment

– Role: Design and optimisation of the electronic equipment required to accurately control modulating valves according to output temperature. This includes/integrates servomotors, sensors and controllers with smart capabilities for remote control.

Partner 2

– Type: Enterprise

– Activity: Product-related services

– Role: Promotion of the product diffusion by means of advertising, information campaigns and training sessions. Creating an after-sale and technical assistance service.

Partner 3

– Type: Enterprise

– Activity: Providing pilot installations for field test

– Role: Making arrangements with building contractors to have the HIUs installed in pilot plants, to the aim of field-test the new product and collect relevant data.


An Italian SME located in Lombardy is developing a Heat Interface Unit (HIU) that provides on-demand heating and hot water by two integrated heat exchangers, whose instantaneous power is adjusted by valves modulated by smart electronic equipment.

In multi-dwelling residential complexes, central heating solutions are more and more encouraged, since using a number of local heat generators proved to be less cost effective and more polluting than using a single appliance of equal efficiency. Furthermore, local solutions do not allow to easily integrate different energy sources, like renewable or alternative sources. To ensure each user the necessary independence, a HIU can be installed at the entrance of each household including regulation, control and metering devices. HIUs equipped with heat exchanger are particularly interesting because they provide on-demand hot water, prepared instantaneously for each user without the need for cylinder storage.

The purpose of this proposal is to develop and put forth an optimised HIU fulfilling the needs of a modern household. Solutions adopted to optimise its operation include the possibility to exert differential pressure control over different segments of the system, the use of two heat exchangers instead of just one (indirect HIU), and the control of domestic hot water temperature and heating fluid temperature by means of modulating two-port valves. In this configuration, each valve is installed on the primary side of the relative heat exchanger and adjusts the boiler flow rate so to keep the secondary fluid flow temperature stable to the desired value. This solution allows to save pumping energy with respect to fixed-flow rate configurations and optimises the temperature difference across the primary side by keeping the return temperature as low as possible, which improves the operation of condensing boilers and is often a prerequisite by district heating companies or contractors.

The use of two-port valves for temperature control requires the development of a dedicated electronic equipment that must be capable of independently managing the services and to easily interconnect with smart systems for remote control.

System performances will be assessed by a full test campaign including field testing.

Making the product known and giving the operators information on system requirements, correct use and implications of choosing this system arrangement are of fundamental importance, too. This information process can be tackled by transparent advertising campaigns and by widespread training sessions tailored to all involved stakeholders – designer, installer, servicer and end user.

Project’s aims

  • Design of the mechanical and hydraulic equipment: development and engineering of components, with particular attention to control valves; design of the assembly
  • Development of a dedicated electronic control equipment, consisting of electronic servomotors, sensors and controllers
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Full test campaign to assess the HIU performances and to define the product in details, including field testing
  • Supply chain definition
  • Production definition
  • Creation of technical, marketing and advertising documentation
  • Planning of training sessions targeted at technical designers, installers, servicers
  • Creation of installation, commissioning, technical assistance after-sale services
  • Definition and delivery of information sessions targeted at the end users


The company is looking for 3 industrial partners able to provide the following expertise and know-how:

1 Experience in electronics and control (HVAC), building automation and human interfaces

2 Experience in brand management, advertising, promotion, and training program development

3 Possibility to provide one or more pilot installations to field-test the new units.

Other expertise fields are already covered by other members of the consortium:

– Experience in manufacturing heating and plumbing equipment

– Experience and facilities to test, validate and characterise the new system.

– Official call Deadline: 15-03-2016 17:00:00 (Brussels local time)

Deadline for Expression of interest: 01/03/2016

Cautare parteneri din IT pt proiect ‘EUROSTARS – IT solution for faster and effective software development’

A Spanish IT software engineering company is looking for IT partners for EUROSTARS projects in order to develop a new IT solution, focused on SMEs, for a faster and effective software development that avoids project delays.

Please have a look to  EUROSTARS – IT solution for faster and effective software development for further information and contact details!!

Submission deadline: 18th February 2016 therefore please contact directly.

Type and role of partners sought:

The company is looking for IT partners located in any Eurostars eligible country that meet any of the following profiles:
-IT software engineering companies or research centers .
-IT experts, IT consultancy firms (continuous improvement techniques, DevOps („Development” and „Operations”) ).
-Also companies that demand software development for the creation of new products.
The partner must collaborate in all the stages of the project development:
-Analysis and establishment of requirements.
-Define user cases.
-Support in the design of the complete solution to be deployed.
-Development of complementary tools to provide solutions.
-Perform experimental tests for technology validation.



Cereri de parteneri pe proiecte europene

Italian company, active in the communication and security field, seeks partners to join its H2020 project proposal under the call: IoT-01-2016. The project goal is to develop a reliable, continuous monitoring solution for hospitalized patients, based on a healthcare wireless sensor network relying on a small wearable device.

Partners are sought in the ICT field, electronics and mechanical sectors; end users (hospitals, medical centers, clinics and surgeries) and universities are also sought. More


A Germany energy utility is looking for international project partners (industrial-, scientific- and cluster organisations) to prepare a common Horizon 2020 project proposal under LCE-02-2016. The main objective of the project is the demonstration of so called balanced regional energy cluster (REC) aiming at the integration of increasing regional energy supplier (RES) to the grid in a stable and secure way. More


An Italian company, part of a consortium, is applying for Horizon 2020 Fast Track to Innovation March call. The project focuses on the development of a platform for natural language processing for customer services. The consortium is looking for one European SME to test and make use of the ‘enhanced innovative platform’ during the project life. More


A Korean SME, manufacturing high precision plastic electronic parts, molds, lenses and sensors, has invented a 3D safety sensor but at the development phase. It prevents jamming accidents arising from automatic doors, elevators or vehicle’s doors by detecting the variance of capacitance in 2D or 3D environment. The company is looking for an R&D partner who can collaborate to develop a module including SoC(System on Chip), software work or sensor designing under the EUREKA project. More


A Korean government funded research institute engaging in electronics and ICT-related R&D is preparing a project proposal under the EUREKA project. The purpose of the project is to research and develop eco-friendly composites utilizing cellulose based nano fibre. The institute is looking for a partner in the likes of cellulose fibre fabrication especially regarding NFC(nano fibrillated cellulose) to collaborate with each other. The proposal submission deadline is at the end of March, 2016. More


A Czech company focused on the development and production of tools to the metalworking industry is preparing a project proposal to Eurostars 2 call. The project will be focused on the research and development of new cutting material based on high-speed steel (HSS) for production of progressive special tools. Manufacturer of HSS tools is sought to complete the existing project consortium. More


A Swiss biotech company identified a family of promising compounds for the development of multiple sclerosis therapeutics. The lead compound is a novel, selective and potent CXCR7 modulator. The company is seeking industry and academia partners to apply for Eurostars funding to further develop the compounds. The partners should have an in vitro model of myelination suitable to screen the best compounds and the know-how to test the lead compound in different multiple sclerosis in vivo models. More


A Swiss university of applied sciences is preparing a Eurostars proposal. The aim of the project is to develop an innovative medical device, composed of eyeglasses capable to create a micro-climate in an active mode, where the interstitial relative humidity between eye and lens can be controlled and maintained to a constant value selected by the patient. Research institutes and industrial partners specialized in development and analysis in the field of ophthalmologic devices are sought. More


The Spanish company has developed a new line of research and commercial application of products to reduce the use of antibiotics enhancing the physiological defence mechanisms of animals and humans, with the project to move towards a new form of prevention and improvement of animal and human health. It’s looking for one big livestock farm to apply for SME Instrument Phase 2. More


A Korean company specialising in SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) filters and RF (Radio Frequency) module is preparing a project proposal under the EUROSTARS2 programme with the deadline of March, 2016. The project will focus on developing and commercialising piezoelectric MEMS Mic. They are looking for a partner to design MEMS-Micro Electro Mechanical System and ASIC (Application specific integrated circuit) for Mic. More


An Italian university is searching for partners from university, research centres, willing to participate to an R&I project about urban mobility. The objective is to develop ‘serious games’ to plan mobility in urban area and engage major stakeholders. Therefore partners that can provide the opportunity to run case studies in different municipalities in Europe and that are confident with system analysis are sought. The funding program is Horizon 2020 – MG 4.5-2016. More


A Spanish SME, specialised in ICT solutions and with wide experience coordinating European projects, is currently working on a proposal to be submitted to the next call in H2020 Transport, in particular for the topic ART-04-2016, „Safety and end-user acceptance aspects of road automation in the transition period”.

Searching for drivers- and safety-related associations/stakeholders interested in joining the consortium, i.e. drivers’ associations, driving schools associations, regulators and policy makers, insurance, etc., to test the technology. More


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Cerere de partener pe proiect european

Urgent H2020 PS. Partners required for demonstration activities in residential buildings or houses in the context of a project proposal for the H2020 Energy Efficiency call (topic EE-07-2016-2017)

Type of partner sought: Companies, Research&Development Institutions, Universities

Specific area of activity of the partner:  residential buildings/houses

Tasks to be performed: provide validation pilots in the residential sector for the demonstration activities of the project.

Conditions for the pilots:
-The access to the houses/dwellings will be guaranteed
-The houses/dwellings will have already the monitoring system installed

More details

H2020-PHC-28-2015: Hungarian SME is looking for an automatic visual object recognition algorithm developer.

A Hungarian SME is looking for IT companies for specific tasks for a H2020 call (H2020-PHC-28-2015). A coordinator of the consortium would be the Hungarian business-consulting firm. The project aims at identifying crystal components on the basis of their various patterns. The proposal will be submitted under: Self management of health and disease and decision support systems based on predictive computer modelling used by the patient him or herself. The partner should develop a specific software.

More details: View Partnering Opportunity

Cereri de tehnologie si parteneri de cercetare

Seeking new technologies and knowledge in the manufacturing of industrial equipment for water treatment
A Bulgarian engineering company with signicant expertise in the water industry is looking for novel water and wastewater treatment technologies for deployment in its projects. The company seeks commercial agreements with technical assistance and/or technical cooperation and/or research cooperation and/or license.
Reference: TRBG20141007001
Country: Bulgaria
Submitted: Oct 07 2014
Updated: Oct 13 2014
View Partnering Opportunity
Market: Water treatment equipment and waste disposal systems
Technology: Machining (turning, drilling, moulding, milling, planning, cutting), Plant Design and Maintenance , Process Plant Engineering , Surface treatment (painting, galvano, polishing, CVD, PVD)
NACE: Wholesale of other machinery and equipment
H2020 SPIRE Sustainable Process Industries – seeking commercial compression equipment company for co-development and manufacturing of novel machine and process
A UK company that develops novel chemical flow processes is part of a consortium applying for the bid H2020 SPIRE-05-2015 New adaptable catalytic reactor methodologies for Process Intensification. The project is focused on continuous ozonolysis and they are seeking a commercial compression equipment company with key expertise to co-develop and manufacture an innovative new machine.
Reference: RDUK20141006001
Country: United Kingdom
Submitted: Oct 06 2014
Updated: Oct 10 2014
View Partnering Opportunity
Market: Other Industrial Products (not elsewhere classified), Other medical/health related (not elsewhere classified) , Process control equipment and systems , Speciality/performance chemicals
Technology: Agro chemicals, Apparatus Engineering , Pharmaceutical Products / Drugs , Pharmaceutics , Process Plant Engineering
NACE: Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering
Foam inlay for a clamping system used in greenhouses for cucumber- and tomato plants
A Dutch SME has developed a labour saving work method and the related mechanical support system for cucumber- and tomato plants in greenhouses. The product consists of a steel rod and specially designed stainless steel clamps with a foam inlay that protect and keep the stem of the plants in place. The company is looking for an industrial supplier of these inlays, specialized in foam applications. Cooperation is sought within the frame of a manufacturing agreement.
Reference: TRNL20140930001
Country: Netherlands
Submitted: Oct 06 2014
Updated: Oct 14 2014
View Partnering Opportunity
Market: Processes for working with plastics
Technology: Plastics, Polymers
NACE: Other manufacturing n.e.c.
H2020-SPIRE-7–2015: Construction and validation of a process for extraction of valuable metals
A Spanish University is willing to submit a H2020-SPIRE-7-2015 proposal project. The project aims to develop novel approaches for treating different low grade pyritic deposits. A mining company equipped with logistic services and laboratories with an available space in their facilities is being sought for the construction of a pilot demonstration plant.
Reference: RDES20141003002
Country: Spain
Submitted: Oct 03 2014
Updated: Oct 10 2014
View Partnering Opportunity
Market: Mining (non-energy related)
Technology: Landfill mining, Mining Technologies , Wastewater Recycling
NACE: Mining of iron ores, Support activities for other mining and quarrying
Machine equipment sought for deep-drawing of cardboard as an alternative to plastic packaging
A globally operating German company and specialist in manufacturing high-speed machines and lines for metal and composite packaging seeks partners from industry and/or research for developing an environmentally friendly technology and machine equipment for deep-drawing of cardboard. The company is looking for a license agreement, technical cooperation and/or commercial agreement with technical assistance.
Reference: TRDE20140924001
Country: Germany
Submitted: Sep 26 2014
Updated: Oct 14 2014
View Partnering Opportunity
Market: Other industrial automation, Other industrial process machinery for textile, paper and other industries , Packing products and systems
Technology: Composite materials, Forming (rolling, forging, pressing, drawing)
NACE: Packaging activities
Semiconductor ice-making module for refrigerators
A Chinese company is looking for a semiconductor ice-making module which can be used in the refrigerator or freezer. Partners are sought for commercial agreements with technical assistance.
Reference: TRCN20140919001
Country: China
Submitted: Sep 19 2014
Updated: Oct 10 2014
View Partnering Opportunity
Market: Home furnishing and housewares, Other Consumer Related (not elsewhere classified) , Soft drinks and bottling plants , Wine and liquors
Technology: Household Goods & Appliances
NACE: Manufacture of electric domestic appliances, Manufacture of non-electric domestic appliances
Seeking innovative materials for laser-cutting platform.
An italian company specialized in the manufacture of iron and steel is looking for innovative materials as alternatives to the steel used in laser-cutting platform. Partners are sought to perform a Technical Cooperation Agreement.
Reference: TRIT20140802002
Country: Italy
Submitted: Sep 16 2014
Updated: Oct 10 2014
View Partnering Opportunity
Market: Industrial chemicals, Other industrial equipment and machinery , Other industrial process machinery for textile, paper and other industries , Other manufacturing (not elsewhere classified)
Technology: Cleaning Technology, Coatings , Iron and Steel, Steelworks , Surface treatment (painting, galvano, polishing, CVD, PVD)
NACE: Manufacture of metal structures and parts of structures, Manufacture of other fabricated metal products n.e.c. , Manufacture of other special-purpose machinery n.e.c.
Development of low band-width communication technologies, validation and further development of skill development models.
India based company specializing in reorienting healthcare for reach and affordability in delivery system, training & skill development and technology is seeking for technical partnership with companies having expertise in the following areas: 1) Development of low band-width communication technologies; 2) Validation and further development of skill development models; 3) Lean process implementation expertise and 4) Business model validation expertise.
Reference: TRIN20140728002
Country: India, Republic of
Submitted: Jul 28 2014
Updated: Oct 10 2014
View Partnering Opportunity
Market: Computer-aided diagnosis and therapy, Diagnostic services , Other , Patient rehabilitation & training
Technology: Clinical Research, Trials, Diagnostics, Diagnosis , Human vaccines , Medical Research , Pharmaceutical Products / Drugs
NACE: Hospital activities, Other human health activities , Specialist medical practice activities

Cererile de colaborare ale saptamanii

Specialists and suppliers wanted for an on-going Finnish smart village project and concept development

A Finnish company with a novel concept of ecological and sensible living in a village-like environment equipped with digital technology is looking for EU based architects, module building or infrastructure developers, construction and energy specialists and landscaping designers for its on-going project in Finland. Partnership could be a subcontracting, distribution services or manufacturing agreement.
Reference: BRFI20140929001
Country: Finland
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Swedish company specialized in trading with computers is looking for used computers and mobile phones from the UK, Finland, Germany and Denmark

The Swedish company is looking for a subcontractor of used computers and mobile phones from the UK, Finland,Germany and Denmark. They are interested in buying both used laptops and desktop computers with ”Grade A” laptops for import and export within Europe and out of Europe.
Reference: BRSE20140520002
Country: Sweden
View Partnering Opportunity

One of the leading construction companies in the Baltic countries is looking for subcontractors.

One of the largest construction companies in Latvia is willing to cooperate with companies which are offering subcontracting for civil construction projects to be implemented in Latvia.
Reference: BRLV20140924001
Country: Latvia
View Partnering Opportunity

Norwegian producer of aid-products for disabled people seeks suppliers of technical parts for their products

A Norwegian SME developing and producing innovative aids for disabled people are looking for suppliers abroad to increase their capacity and reduce the price of their products. The SME are looking for subcontracting partners to supply single parts, and partners to manufacture substantial parts of the aids. The final assemblage and testing will be done by the Norwegian SME in Norway.
Reference: BRNO20140918001
Country: Norway
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A Slovak advertising company is looking for a reliable printing house which is able to act as a supplier of high quality printing services for reasonable prices.

A Slovak advertising company is looking for a supplier of high quality printing services for reasonable prices. They are looking for services agreement and subcontracting cooperation.
Reference: BRSK20140918001
Country: Slovakia
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Semi or fully automatic food processing technology for production of filled (stuffed) meat rolls

An SME from Latvia operating in the food sector is looking for semi or fully automatic meat processing technology for production of filled (stuffed) meat rolls. Preferably the technology would exclude hand work at any stage, and is field tested. The company is looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance, or in case, if the technology is not fully developed, the company is interested in technical co-operation to develop the technology.
Reference: TRLV20140708001
Country: Latvia
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H2020-FoF: Simple Way of Bonding (SWB)

A French engineering and technology company is looking for industrial end-users (not French) and technological partners experienced in bonding/bolting. The company is preparing a proposal addressing bonding/bolting under the H2020 Factory of the Future 2015 call (deadline 04/02/2015). The project aims at reducing costs over the lifecycle of adhesively bonded assemblies while ensuring reliability, durability and efficiency.
Reference: RDFR20140908001
Country: France
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H2020: end users sought to test innovative chermicals and cosmetics packaging

Italian company, specialised in packaging technologies for the protection of finished products during transport and storage, is developing with other 9 partners implemented packaging products thanks to the inclusion of nano-sized additives under the ‘H2020-call for nanotechnologies, advanced materials and production’. The SME is looking for two partners in the area of chemicals/cosmetics who should act as “end-users”, testing (through simulation and/or on-service) the innovative packaging.
Reference: RDIT20140911001
Country: Italy
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